Learning a new language can be a challenge, so we at Blue Opolis aim to make this easy for you. Our tailor made courses are perfect for you to learn and benefit to the fullest.

We believe that when learning a new language studying one to one or in small groups is most effective. Therefore our passionate and qualified language instructors will come to your place of residence to give you that extra attention, to help you on your way to becoming a fluent English language speaker.

Below we have made a list of 10 reasons to show you how private one to one lessons are better for you and more effective when it comes to learning English.

  1. A smaller student to teacher ratio allows for you to receive more specialised attention from the teacher.

  2. More time to practise your English speaking skills.

  3. Problem areas can be targeted.

  4. Develop better study skills and ultimately perform better in exams.

  5. Provides a safe environment to make mistakes and ask as many questions as you like.

  6. Increased confidence in your studies.

  7. Innovative teaching techniques.

  8. Less distractions.

  9. You can learn at your own speed.

  10. Learning can be made specific to what you need.

  11. Less travel time.

  12. Learn faster.

With the many positives of one to one lessons, the one main disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow you to practise with other learners in group environments.

How does Blue Opolis aim to fix this problem? Easy, we say bring a friend.

With Blue Opolis group deals you can now come with your friends and learn and experience London together.

So why not try it! It’s cheaper and more fun!

Click here for our special offers on on to one and small group classes.

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